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As a marketing agency, are you responsible for the optimal distribution of the marketing budget of your customers?

Then mediaplan4 is the perfect tool to bring the marketing work for your customers to the next level!

Agency with customers

All customers in one account

Manage all your clients' mediaplanes through your agency account. The data of the customers are, of course, strictly separated from each other.

Team work

Collaborate with customers

If you wish, involve your customers in marketing planning. Create individual user accounts for your customers to grant access to their media plans. Then your customers can track, review and even participate in the work of your agency.

Agentur Branding

Agency branding

Customize the branding of your mediaplanning software to your agency. Manage your customers through an individual App Url. Each of your customers can get access to their mediaplans via a subdomain of your Url.
Use your agency logo througout the application! 

Curious about our partner model?

Contact us, if you want to know more about the agency solution and plans of mediaplan4!