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Professional mediaplanning software

The right marketing mix is a big challenge, because you need a customized management of the advertising budget plan, the planned and implemented advertising campaigns, the effective expenses and, last but not least, the possibility to analyze which advertising campaigns are successful for your company.

Many marketing officers try to solve parts of this requirement with Excel spreadsheets and calculations, e.g. a list of expenses for advertising is created using an Excel template. However, 0ver time they find that only a fraction of the desired requirement is fulfilled.

There is still missing a lot of information that is essential for optimal advertising planning, such as graphical support with a marketing calendar, document management, budgets, management goals (contact numbers, deals, sales ...), online contacts and goals (Google Analytics ). External factors such as holiday periods, economic events, politics, sports and culture, whether local or international, often play an important role in the efficient planning and analysis of your marketing activities.

And in order to enable successful teamwork between marketing employees in the company, management and possibly to involve also external advertising agencies, a professional and tailor-made marketing tool is required, which brings these and many other problem solutions into line.


A professional Mediaplan software can offer numerous advantages for the marketing team of your company for the marketing ...



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